Change how you apply for loans

Loan Dilly is a simple way to find the best loan deals and lowest payments in The Bahamas much easier.

Financial Goals

Owning a Home

Building a Business

Buying a Car

Loan Dilly helps Bahamians get loans quickly and easily. Through an easy to use platform and dashboard, Loan Dilly manages a user's loan requests and Lender's bids who want to offer the loan to any number of users as they seek to buy a new house, improve their business or education or make an investment.

Loan Dilly makes finding loans fast and easy.

Merit Score™

The Merit Score metric helps you to stand out. The higher your Merit Score, the more likely a Lender will want to loan with you. A higher Merit Score also indicates reliability.

Get The Best Rates

You remain anonymous throughout the loan bidding until you're ready to work with the Lender. Since they're going up against other Lenders, they'll try to give you the lowest terms.

Save Time

Tired of waiting in long lines? Tired of being on hold for 30+ minutes? Don't wait in line, or on the phone. The Lenders can now find you on Loan Dilly and see what you need.

Get Paid Faster

While Lenders still need to do their own due diligence before they lend, most of the work is done once you complete your profile on Loan Dilly. This cuts down waiting time.

How It Works

Setup Your Account

Setting up your account is simple and easy. The Borrower profile tells you exactly what information you need to submit to get your Merit Score up and get Lenders noticing you.

Lenders Bid To Lend

Lenders see your loan request and decide, based on your Merit Score, the terms and rates that they want to lend to you. All anonymous until you accept.

Your Bid is Accepted

You can decide which bid best fits your needs and accept it! Once accepted, the Lender can now contact you and you can begin to secure the loan.

Secure Your Loan

Lenders still do their own due diligence before loaning to you but with a good Merit Score from submitting all your information, you're ready to get the loan.

Start using Loan Dilly now

Create your profile and complete the KYC in minutes. Our team is here to help and would be happy to chat with you.